Broken tiles and slates, gutters clogged with fallen leaves, standing water on flat roofs – all of these contribute to leaks and damp in the inside of your home. Making sure you keep your roof well-maintained will save you money and prevent minor damage becoming a major and expensive problem.

At Restell Roofing Contractors we offer a range of expert roofing services from running repairs to constructing new roofs. We are based in Solihull and can offer our roofing expertise to customers across Warwickshire in towns such as Leamington Spa and Warwick.

You can be assured of the quality of our service – we are fully NVQ accredited and run a satisfaction guarantee promise. We also operate through the ‘Checkatrade' which only lists tradesmen who have been vetted for their high standards of professionalism.

If you require a new roof to be constructed using slates, tiling or lead sheeting we can carry this out to meet your particular requirements, or if you are encountering problems with standing water on a flat roof we can convert the flat surface into a pitched roof to aid the flow of water into gutter systems.

We can also handle any type of roofing problem, whether you have found dripping water inside your house, or if you have just noticed moss growth amongst the roofing slates or found broken tiles on the floor following string winds and wish to prevent further damage emerging.

If you suffer a sudden leak following a heavy downpour then we offer an emergency call-out service 24 hours a day to get things sorted as soon as possible. We can also install fascia boards and soffits to the lower edge of the roofline to provide support to roof tiles and guttering and ventilation to prevent the build-up of damp inside the roof.

Skylights and chimneys may also become damaged following heavy rain and winds with mortar being disturbed allowing water to enter the building. In this case we can carry out quick repairs to the damaged area and replace the mortar that has been lost over the passage of time.

Slipped tiles and broken slates are amongst the most common roofing problems that lead to internal leaks and dripping water – we can easily locate these problems and take steps to remedy the problem with new slates or using lead work roofing. We have the knowledge and experience to install UPVC guttering and carry out cleaning of clogged gutters.



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