The cost of a brand new roof can be very costly and that is exactly why it should be maintained. If you notice any signs of leakage, such as dark patches on the ceiling or mould patches on your walls or window stills, you need to take action immediately. There is nothing worse than putting something off only to realise how careless you been in allowing the problem to get worse.

Even when the weather is mild, your roof will be taking a hit from all of the elements on a regular basis, so leaks and damage may creep up on it slowly. Doing things such as choosing high-quality slate and roofing materials when a roof is first being built and ensuring that you pay to fix small problems as you go along, will help reduce the chances of you having to pay a large amount when there is serious damage.

Looking after your roof makes great financial sense and will also give you peace of mind that your home can both bear the brunt of the winter weather and will not be damaged too much by the hot sun. It is also important to pay attention to your guttering so that there is no chance of leaves clogging it up, which will eventually lead to leaks and damp in your home.

Restell Roofing Contractors are here for all of your roofing requirements, whether you need slates replacing or you need a new roof for your extension. All of our staff recognise the importance of putting our customers at ease and listening to their needs, rather than simply selling a product.

Our Coventry roofing services are available for building work, maintenance and 24-hour emergency call-outs. We can make regular visits to your home to ensure that your roof is in tip-top condition and you can rest sound in knowing that all of our contractors can be searched for, using the professional tradesmen tool ‘Checkatrade’. We also pride ourselves in being 100% NVQ qualified and have experienced tradesmen ready to see to all of your roofing needs.

Securing professional and reliable tradesmen can eliminate the stress that is caused when you have a damaged roof. You can be assured that our Coventry roofing services will provide you with excellent customer satisfaction. We ensure that all of the work that we carry out is necessary and if we identify additional issues when we inspect your property, we will offer the best advice possible.

We have experience in working on all types of roofing, from a traditional slate roof to modern uPVC guttering and ridges. Coventry roofing will install confidence that your roof is safe from damage. Our after-care will also give you advice on how you can prevent future damage and the signs to look out for to ensure hat you will not experience the same type of issues again.



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